Coffee House on Cherry Street


The aptly named Coffee House on Cherry Street is a wonderful eclectic coffee house that is community oriented. You may not find more friendly service, and I always get a kick when they say “cheers” as they bring me my coffee. They don’t do that all the time, but that makes it even more pleasant when they do.  This shop stays pretty busy and has convenient hours. One of the few places that spring to my mind when I want to go somewhere and hang out around 8pm on a Sunday.  It is an excellent place to meet up with friends for coffee and good times.


The Coffee House brews and sells locally roasted coffee beans. They will make you an outstanding espresso or traditional macchiato, as well as all of the sweet and chocolaty drinks you would buy at Starbucks, but with better coffee, and my wife loves their chai latte. With fresh, quality coffee beans and high end la Marzocco equipment grinding and brewing your coffee, the result is stellar.  You can also get a french press at the Coffee House which is great to share with two or three people(depending on how much coffee you want).

My favorite is their macchiato, which is my favorite everywhere unless they make a bad macchiato, and the good folks on Cherry Street make a mean macchiato.  Everything from the shots to the coffee art is done right and tastes amazing.


This coffee shop serves much more than your average coffee shop food items. You can have a good breakfast and lunch here, and I am not just talking about a bagel and a turkey sandwich.  They serve hot breakfast and lunch items.  They also have tasty cakes and pies to enjoy with your after dinner coffee.  I have even seen a flan on rare occasion.  I know it isn’t everyone’s thing, but goodness gracious I love a flan!


The Coffee House on Cherry Street has a very eclectic and trendy feel to it with antique furniture, local art, and a couple of cozy nooks to hide away in if you can get a seat before it is taken. On a book shelf you can find books as well as games to enjoy if you are looking for something to read while you finish your coffee, or something to do with your friends. I must give a warning, you may see nude art in the shop, so if you find that offensive, you may want to take your coffee to go.  Otherwise, the atmosphere is very relaxing.  Such that you would be comfortable talking, reading a book or the newspaper, or studying.  While in the shop you will see a good mix of people, plenty of students studying, and a large number of regulars who come just to be a part of the community that has developed in this shop.

Cherry Street Seating Area

The Coffee House on Cherry Street is a wonderful shop, and a great addition to Cherry Street and the unique coffee culture that we enjoy in Tulsa.  Let me know your thoughts on the Coffee House.

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